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The SAS World

SAS Developers where tranquility and vividness of the nature reaches out to you in full splendor. SAS Provides best luxury properties in GOA and are leading luxury real estate developers. The world in a village: A home amidts nature, where nature peeps through every window.

The Group

The group has been in its core business of construction
and property development for over 5 decades now,
and has always enjoyed a great amount of trust and
loyalty from its patrons over the years

About us

We deliever wonders.

The SAS is a technology-driven company that infuses engineering with imagination. We offer a wide range of advanced solutions, services and products. Committed to innovative growth, SAS Group speaks the new language of success. The Group is judiciously invested in the commodity, annuity and services businesses.


Those who dream of a good quality of life, first dream of a lovely, comfortable and attractive home. To make this dream come true, we at SAS wish to offer our technically best possible services to give a newly restored look and improvement in the overall aesthetics of your building and apartments.


Miss. Eva Dennis We would like to say that all staff were so professional, pleasant and a pleasure to deal with.
We were so impressed with the way in which your office goes about their business.
Dr. Geeta Aslam I literally had to choke back 'tears of joy' hearing you speak about the many opportunities available to the
students of your school. We found the school to be a piece of heaven. The Child School is a gem in educational studies.